Tape Degaussers

We introduced our first commercial tape degausser more than 40 years ago and have continued to design and create innovative models that speed and simplify tape degaussing. Today, we offer combination tape and hard drive degaussers, as well as standalone models that have become the industry’s go-to favorites. Ruggedly built and easy to use, our tape degaussers deliver critical protection against data theft.

TS-1 Degausser


  • Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List, meeting the toughest government and industry standards for erasing hard drive and tape media
  • Independently tested and certified to meet CE and ANSI standards for safety and compatibility worldwide
  • Erases perpendicular and longitudinal laptop, desktop, and network drives, as well as high-coercivity tape media—without adapters.
  • Single pass, 45-second erasure cycle, continuous-duty rating
  • Built-in magnetic field verification system guarantees complete erasure
  • Office compatible and portable
  • Easy to use
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HD-3WXL Degausser

(Hard Drive & Tape)

  • Erases up to 360 drives or tapes per hour with no cool-down needed
  • Independently tested and certified to meet CE and ANSI standards for safety and compatibility worldwide
  • Handles a wide range of hard drive and tape media sizes without adapters
  • Compact size and easy portability
  • Ideal for office operations
  • Operates on standard wall outlets around the world
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HD-2 Degausser

(Hard Drive & Tape)

  • Provides complete erasure of virtually all magnetic hard drives and tapes in only a minute
  • Erases working and nonworking magnetic media, regardless of operating system or interface
  • Independently certified to meet both ANSI and CE standards for safety and compatibility worldwide
  • Lightweight, compact, quiet, and portable
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CDS-2500A Degausser

(Tape Only)

  • Quickly erases all magnetic tape formats up to six inches wide and up to 2400 oersted
  • Adjustable-speed conveyor belt processes up to 90 tapes per minute
  • Offers two field strengths—low for continuous-duty erasure of 3480/3490, VHS, diskettes and audio cassettes; high for metal tape formats up to 2400 oersted
  • “V” coil configuration delivers strong horizontal and vertical magnetic fields for maximum erasure
  • Operates on standard wall outlets, configurable for international operations
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